With a 16m long straight bar and a 5m long repurposed irragation pivot painted fire engine red, the tap room can make anyone stare for a moment. A glass window behind the bar reveals the state of the art brewery imported from Italy to have a transparency appeal for the beer drinker to know that they are in safe hands with the brewers lofting about making the best damn beer that they can! But this tap room isnt just about the locally brewed beer but also that of collaboration and supporting craft beer itself. With 2 guest taps dedicated to other brewers that Happy Days does a speciality Collaboration Brew with in order to give guests something original and new every time they visit. *Cough* Bovril Beer *Cough Cough*

This Gin Lounge is nothing like what you have experienced before. Landing on the top step your immediate attention is turned towards the cat scan x rays on display, a blood circulation unit, medical bench and a doctors office adorned with decades of certificates. One would think they have walked into the wrong room but nay you are home! Here we like to think we give rest assurance in the fact that theres a doctor in the house to help you in case of a emer-gin-cy (yes we clever like that). Sit back, relax and enjoy the couches with good drinks and great atmosphere, youre here to enjoy yourself so go ahead, sip on that cocktail, we wont be telling on!