Breeding & Production

A manageable cow with good Angus conformation that can produce and raise a mature strong calf requires the most important factors of milk production and fertility. These are not negotiable and bull selection relies on the evaluation of predicted breeding values together with visual appraisal. For the latter we are open to influence by good experienced stockmen (and women) to which we factor in our own preferences.


Cows are preferred to have a smooth coat and sound hooves are essential. To meet these demands we make liberal use of the enormous genetic pool within the Angus breed worldwide through artificial insemination to embellish locally produced bulls. We believe strongly in using good quality locally produced bulls for the simple reason that these are produced by South African adapted Angus cows and are bred for and under local conditions.



The principle of Angus Plus exists in the USA and we refined that principle to produce uniformity in these animals by using purebred registered Brangus cows and mating them to purebred Angus stud bulls. This results in a 82/18 distribution of Angus / Brahman influence and adds heat and tick resistance to the outstanding qualities of the Angus breed. We will soon have a strong offering of these cows which we firmly believe will make excellent breeding stock for local conditions.



All bulls produced at Netherwood are performance tested. The first cull takes place at weaning whereafter the remaining bulls are entered into a Phase C test at the ARC Test Station at Cedara Agricultural College. The second is on return to the farm from Cedara where all bulls with below excellent figures are culled. The remaining young bulls are then used at the age of 14 months in the commercial herd for 6 weeks and then returned to pasture where they are finished for the annual sale. Some bulls are retained for our own use and then offered for sale as 3 year old bulls and the remainder of the 2 year old bulls are offered for sale.