The Netherwood Angus Stud was started in 1997 with the purchase of 18 Angus cows from the Kiplingcoates Stud which was heavily influenced by Wep War Eagle and No Holds Barred. A bull (a Copperton Son) was acquired from Melville & Lynn Oldfield and used as the initial herd sire. The herd was embellished with female acquisitions from the Tarzan, Shanton, Old Killgobbin and Esperanza Studs with the bulk of our cows bought from John Elliotts Blairmore Stud. We recently added some females from the Woodview, Mequatling and Roechama Studs.


Netherwood Angus relied heavily on the Toyboy sire line and used a Toyboy son, JEO2O69 extensively as well as a Saugahatchee son bred by Shanton. Recently the Netherwood cow herd was increased to 200 with the acquisition of the River Ranch stud. Netherwood Angus also runs a commercial Angus Plus herd which is based on the principle of an Angus cow with 18% Brahman influence. This we believe will be an ideal commercial cow for the local environmental conditions. Current herd sires are Netherwood Toyboy and Mequatling Outcross, these sires are used in addition to Artificial Insemination where sires are selected on desired traits to be introduced into the herd.