Blueberry Café is a spot in the midlands that captures everything about the midlands meander: The beautiful backdrop of the Drakensburg mountains, the natural interior with the floating garden baskets, addictive coffee, mouth watering food and a loo with a view like no other!

The café aims to deliver on an atmosphere that people will want to come back for more and we hope to always make those returning that they have never left!

We adhere to the KISS rule: Keep It Simple Stupid. Our menu may be short and sweet but do we deliver on the goods. If you ask for a steak we give you the best cooked steak you could ask for. Want a chicken? We put Nandos to shame. Boerie rolls are tradition and why not make them the next best thing, boom you got it. Hamburgers , who doesn’t like a hamburger? I show you a naysayer! Our food is bound to make you say “joufz mgjdkfm gsjkei”. That is a mouthfull trying to say “Jeez that’s Good!”.

Every week we try to deliver something new on our Cut of the Day Menu so that we keep guests coming back for more! Did someone say Tomahawk Steak?! Come Hungry, Leave Satisfied.

The Meat Bar is our boutique butchery whereby our organically raised beef is prepared and matured at various stages to give the best quality meat we can provide for our customers. Whether it be our 28 day aged Angus Rump or our 48 day aged Wagyu Rib-Eye we aim to provide a variety if cuts that when you walk in you have to pinch yourself and ask if you have arrived in meat heaven. With a variety of extras to go with it like our home made sauces and marinades, we are sure you will be leaving with a smile on your face.