Netherwood Chapel was once an honest little structure at the top of a hill – only visited by pigeons. It was decided in 2009, after 20 years of its creation, to capture that honesty, and make available the breathtaking views that the chapel offers. The old decrepit walls were removed, and replaced with steel and glass wings. With the availability of all sorts of unusual finds from the farm, the strength of the architecture could be balanced with the warmth of history. What was important to both the design and process, was to maintain the simplicity of the structure and to allow the winsome beauty of the view in. The construction was truly a labour of love, and we hope that this, in some small way, reflects on your ceremony, and your future. Please see our gallery for more images of the transformation from pre-2009 through to our inauguration in April 2010.



Netherwood chapel is unique. For as plain a reason as : simplicity. The honest glass, steel and stone structure frames the change of the rolling hills from fresh green to warm yellow. It sits on a natural rock outcrop, where worn-in pine trees act as curtains, gently filtering the setting sun. The chapel is an unusually contemporary design, catering to the discerning client. It can open completely on both sides for a 360 degree view of the ever-changing landscape



The chandelier in the entrance is a flight of bronze African Cliff Swallows, with each individual swallow being commissioned to local sculptor Michael Mawdsley. Swallows were often the subject of sailor’s tattoos, marking their fore-arms with this symbol of returning home, and returning to love. Most bird books will also tell you that swallows pair up for life.



We believe that every service is a rare and precious rite of passage. For this reason, we do not take on more than one service per weekend. Useful information: 130 pax on restored pews Space for additional seating on end of aisles takes it to approximately 190 pax Doors fold open for larger weddings to extend the seating area onto the lawns Gallery